Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good for Workers, Bad for Business?

The Employee Free Choice Act (Wally voted no, of course, and the president has threatened to veto it) passed in the House by 50 votes. It will probably get stuck in the Senate so Bush wont have to veto it.

I am a member of CSEA, so I'm entirely biased on the subject, but I think anytime you can get conservatives to try and use the phrase "Orwellian" you're on to something.


21-50, Chief Dan Matthews, Reality Patrol said...

I have the misfortune to reside in Wally's district and nothing he does or says fails to anger and/or disgust me.

It boggles my mind that the sheople of his district can't understand he doesn't give a damn about what's in their interests. His voting record and his silence on major issues (such as WRAMC) are the proof.

check out:

Anonymous said...

I love his voting record! Its great! I have an idea, MOVE! Maybe FRANCE.

Did MY Duty said...


My sense of your comment is that it is not only lacking on an intellectual level but leads me to believe that you're but another coward, like Wally, who avoided military service.

It is apparent that you care about nothing other than your soft life that you enjoy at the cost of the blood of others.