Sunday, February 25, 2007

Suicide Watch

Wally is going after people who help others commit suicide through the internets. It wouldn't be fair of me to single out Wally for using the "interstate commerce" clause to get this into law because it's really one of the few tricks that Congress has and it's equally abused by everyone.

I just don't understand how this will actually help anyone. The internets aren't just in the US, the tubes cover the globe. If this law passes, the online groups simply move to a server that isn't in the US.

Does this mean that actively talking people into suicide is okay? No. It's just something that the federal government isn't going to be able to regulate. I understand that Wally wants to bring attention to this and show people that depression is a very serious illness, but there are other ways. Personally I would suggest improving health care in this country. Public funds could be used for education campaigns. Resources could be provided to colleges where first year students often go through bouts of depression.

Just because you are in Congress doesn't mean the only thing you can do is make new laws, and in this case a new class of felons.

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